Fire Equipment Inspection

All extinguishers examined and checked.  One was due for discharge and refill, this was completed.  Fire blanket inspected.   All items were found be "in date".   Work carried out on 4 October 2017 by Fire Protection Services of Southfleet.  BAFE BS5306 inspection certificate received.  Total cost £146.67.

Running Repairs - Curtains and Heaters


All curtains checked.  Runners, tapes etc rectified as necessary and all chekced for correct functioning.  Beewax spray applied to tracks.
High infra red heater projection angles checked and resecured as necessary.

Both jobs by four volunteers at no cost,

Sanitary Bins

Two suitable bins now installed in ladies toilet to receive sanitary waste.  Cost £40.

Flickering Light

Previously reported flickering tube in main hall seems to have fixed itself.  Thank you to whoever replaced the starter.

Ladies Toilets Fixed

The problems previously reported were fixed in mid April.    The plumber found two sanitary items dumped in a cistern.  This had caused damage that needed new parts at cost of of over £45.  Plumbers get all the best jobs!   Good job completed by Julian who did not make any labour charges.
Ladies Toilet

We are aware that the flushing mechanisms need attention.    This work is being put in hand.